Space for lifestyle & enjoyment – a lot is possible!

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a course, a business meeting or a private event – ​​the following always applies: Cooking together connects in a delicious and enjoyable way. Our teaching and event kitchen is perfect for practical cooking units as part of vocational training and for wonderful cooking experiences with business partners, employees, the family or friends.

Cooking as a pleasurefull event 

New culinary territory or our special:Traditional Westphalian cuisine? Our event kitchen is the ideal location if you/your group would like to enjoy technical development under the guidance of one of our cooking coaches. Discover the special features of Westphalian cuisine that our grandparents already enjoyed.

Cooking as a company event 

Invite customers to meet them in a relaxed way. Strengthen the team spirit and communication of your employees. Far away from the office in an environment that is unusual for many people, a kitchen, many things are easier to achieve with teamwork. Cooperation is required, processes start to flow. Give your customers, business partners and employees something very valuable: time to enjoy — space for creativity.

The exclusive event only for your group 

Our kitchen is also the ideal location if you would like to step on new ground on a date of your choice under the guidance of one of our cooking coaches.

Cooking as a private event

The best parties end in the kitchen. With us, they will not only end there, they also begin  there. Stage birthdays, anniversaries, surprise parties that will be remembered for a long time. Cooking is more than just preparing food. It’s a wonderful culinary experience.

Cooking as further education 

Our wide range of current topics and our professional lecturers will inspire you. Get to know the current changes in dietetics or the different types of diet, such as finger food or smooth food. The combination of theoretical training and practical units in the spacious teaching kitchen will give you lots of ideas to implement in your own canteen kitchen.

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